the animal shelter

How to help from home:

Card payment 
Card payment 

Without YOU we wouldn´t be able to rescue injured, sick, freezing, and exhausted homeless animals!

Our non-government animal shelter survives solely thanks to donations of kind people.

Currently there are 160 dogs and 110 cats at the shelter.

Treating Rosa´s severed paw
Роза. Борьба за лапу продолжается.

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A cat burried alive in a deadly crypt rescued
Живодер устроил смертельный склеп для животного. Спасение.

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Dirty but rewarding everyday work at the shelter
Новый год в Приюте для животных... Труд труд труд...

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Important! When making donation you agree with Personal Information Handling Policy Политикой конфиденциальности в отношении обработки персональных данных, as well as with the terms of payment collection.